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Piccola Cucina is how delivery should be! Delicious authentic pasta, on-time service, and reasonable prices. I ordered once a few weeks ago and have gone back time and again since. Highly recommend!


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This is the best Italian joint in NYC. I've dined at their restaurant often and was thrilled to seem the deliver.


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Amazing food and quick delivery. I will be ordering my pasta from Piccola in the future.

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El Salvadoran, Italian, Latin American, Lunch Specials, Pasta
Takeout: 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Piccola Cucina is Philip Guardiones gift to New York. After working in lauded restaurants across Europe, Guardione chose a lovely tree-lined street in Soho to open an intimate restaurant inspired by his homeland of Sicily. Walking into the restaurant is like stepping into a jewel box. The subtle, elegant décor lets the vibrant tastes and colors of the food and wine shimmer and shine. After a few years focused entirely on traditional lunch and dinner menus, the native Italian team at Piccola Cucina has expanded their hours, converted from a restaurant into an osteria, and refocused their menu. Rather than stop by every so often for a robust meal, the small-plates, seafood focused menu allows for more frequent tastes and sips. Plus, the restaurant is now open at 8AM during the week and 9AM on weekends to give its clients a taste of a true Sicilian breakfast. Piccola Cucina is more than a dining destination; its a trip to Sicily without leaving Soho. Whether you stop by in the morning for a pastry on the way to work, linger over the weekend paper on a lazy Saturday afternoon, or pop in for an aperitivo before heading home from the office, youll have not only a taste of Sicily, but the sensation of being in the Pearl of the Mediterranean for a few special moments.